Locally Farmed, All Natural & Committed to Your Experience

Farmer John

“Farmer John” Spencer spent his career in public administration and finance until one day in late 2019 an observant client/friend told him that John didn’t really seem to love what he was doing. John said, “you’re right” and “I really love taking care of the land” and “I think I’ll become a farmer!” “Farmer John” knows nothing about farming, but he’s a quick study and is catching up quickly. He’s having the time of his life.


The Staff

  • We Love our Employees! Need a temp job? We often need help building the garden in the spring, weeding, harvesting in the summer/fall! It’s always worth a phone call.
    • Benefits include becoming part of an amazing community, working for employers who really care about you and understand that you have a life, and the occasional gift/perk.
  • We Love our Volunteers! Interested in joining up? You don’t have to know a thing about farming (heck, John doesn’t); you just have to love dirt, or trees, or chickens, or cooking. Please contact us using the “Contact” Page.
    • Benefits include becoming part of an amazing community, our everlasting love and appreciation, eating food off the plant, and the occasional gift/perk.
    • Volunteer Needs / Tasks Include:
      • Weeding! – May through September
      • Harvesting – July through October
      • Pruning – Winter
      • Making Flower bouquets – July through September
      • Miscellaneous construction projects – as needed
      • Caring for chickens – all year
      • Cooking – May through October
      • Organizing storage/supplies – all year
      • Pressing cider – Fall
      • Teaching classes – contact us
      • Special Events (parking, docents, crowd control) – as needed


  • Finca Farm (LaCenter) provides shelf-stable granola, hot sauce, chili oil, salsa (https://www.fincafarmpantry.com/)
  • Shady Grove Farm (Fern Prairie) provides root crops and leafy greens (https://www.shady-grove-farm.com/)
  • Dilish Farm (Proebstel) provides various ground crops (https://www.dilishfarm.com/)
  • Organically Grown (Portland) provides the occasional item that can’t be had locally, but our customers love to eat! (https://www.organicgrown.com/)
  • Windy River Livestock provides the BEST beef! (https://www.facebook.com/windyriverlivestock/)
  • Good Year Farm just down the road provides a wide range of northwest native plants and knowledgeable advice. (https://www.goodyearfarms.com/)