About Us

Timeline of Get To-Gather Farm

Fall 2019- Idea of starting a farm stand

March 2020- Deciding to start a farm stand

July 2020- First official sale!

August 2020- Officially established.

Locally Farmed & Committed to Your Experience

Established on August 6, 2020 to provide you with fresh fruits, produce, and a beautiful place to hang out.

Get To-Gather Farm is a place to connect with friends and nature, harvest memories, enjoy fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Come pick some flowers out of field, take in the views, and bask in the beauty of nature.

Get to Know the Spencer Family

And the people behind the scenes

John C. Spencer

Farmer John

John Turned 50 in 2020 and decided it was time to have a mid-life crisis. He figures 21 years in finance and public administration had amounted to too many hours in front of a computer screen, and he wanted to do more of what he loved – spending time outdoors caring for the land. He convinced his family that is wasn't such a bad idea and for them to lend him some land, and started spending his retirement account on setting up the farm. When not playing the role of “farmer John”, he focuses on his family, works as an elected commissioner with the Port of Camas-Washougal, does some volunteer work through the local Rotary Club, and wonders when the rest of the world finds time to relax.

Kimberly Spencer

Farmer John's Manager and Sister

Being John’s sister is a big task in the Spencer family, but not only is Kimberly one of the main faces you will see at the farm, she is also Farmer John’s manager, which is a full-time job in of itself! Kimberly manages the store, handles weekly emails, keeps stock of produce and oversees employees and volunteers. So technically, she is the one who runs the farm.

Sally Spencer

Chicken Lady

Sally is mother to both John and Kimberly. You will see her from time to time tending to the animals on the farm, and gathering the eggs for the store. She calls herself the “chicken lady” as she has a place in her heart for all the fowl at the farm, including Farmer John!

Joe Hefley

Get To-Gather Farm Manager

Joe is the Spencer family’s farm manager and the bacchus of the farm (god of wine, vegetation and festivities). Joe seems to know everything there is to know about growing organic produce. He is slowly teaching farmer John how to farm!

And our multitude of volunteers who keep this farm up and running. We appreciate each and every one of them!

You too could become a part of our family by signing up to become one of our beloved volunteers!

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